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Jos de Keijser |
Psychological treatment of complicated grief (prolonged grief disorder)

Psychological treatment of complicated grief (prolonged grief disorder)

Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist Jos de Keijser (1958) is named as professor at the University of Groningen to aid to the education and research about the treatment of complex grief . He focusses in particular on the loss of a person because of murder, suicide or personmissing.

The endowed chair is set by the Stichting Stimuleringsfonds Rouw and the University of Groningen (RuG), faculty Behaviour- and Social-studies (Gedrags- en Maatschappij-wetenschappen (GMW)) to improve the practicing of clinical psychological and psychotherapeutic knowledge and skills, as well as their application in the field of complex grief.

This endowed chair is focussing on developing and evaluating of theoretical founded didactic methods and strategies to educate clinical competencies, primarily from the sub-themes of the course of grief after a complex loss.

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