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MH-17 Plane Crash

Investigation into the relatives of the MH17 airplane disaster


Study into the consequences of serious traffic accidents for victims and surviving relatives.

Cognitive therapy and EMDR

There is made a treatment for bereaved of murder with  a lot  of psychological complaints, consisting of cognitive therapy and EMDR. For demonstration, you can look at the video below. For more information about the treatment, go to

Mentoring program

There is  a special mentoring program for bereaved of suicide, made out of the reading of : Verlies door suicide, Werkboek voor nabestaanden,(Loss by suicide. Workingbook for bereaved)  together with having  with an experienced nurse or a psychologist.

At this moment, the book is sold out. You can download the text. (Dutch language only)

On various places in Holland, you can follow this mentoring program, provided by mental health institutes(see

Verlies door suicide

To check the severity of the grief symptoms, there is a free ‘grief checklist’ available on the website This is a reliable checklist (de Rouwvragenlijst) which immediately gives you the result of your score. This website also offers information about grief and treatment. The LSR ( also gives reliable information about bereavement and treatment. If you have questions about treatment opportunities in your neighbourhood, we recommend to contact your GP.